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Geiler Schwede

One floor, one price, any color! The web portal called “geiler-Schwede” promotes the sustainably produced, perfectly ecological parquet floors to a wide audience, offering the products at affordable prices. Following the slogan „One floor, one price, every color!“ Parketto Bodenhaus GmbH & Co. KG sells their brand „Geiler Schwede“ – an environmental flawless and sustainably produced wood for parquet floors made in Sweden – which can be individually colored by the buyers. The material has been awarded with the „Öko-Siegel Nature Plus“. The concepts selling point is the „Come Together“ principle on their Homepage „www.geiler-“, which allows customers to place a collective order in order to obtain a favourable price due to the increased purchase quantity.

Geiler Schwede corporate design (incl. logo development, visual impression, use and interaction of basic elements, typography, colors, layout).
Geiler Schwede Web Services.
Fair design, including graphics, design, interior design, etc.
Various printed materials, image brochures, flyers, Banner & Poster etc.