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Rupp + Hubrach Optik GmbH, rooted in Bamberg since 1922. Is one of the 100 most innovative companies in the German SME sector. The goal – to make seeing the perfect experience.
The task was to develop a suitable concept and design, including a key visual, for the in-house exhibition of Rupp + Hubrach Optik GmbH. In addition to the complete room design for the trade fair, this also included the realization of a KeyVisual animation and a campaign website, matching the claim of the event „go new ways, see new ways“.

Campaign Website
Campaign Microsite
KeyVisual Animation
Concept, development and design of the event hall for the in-house exhibition of Rupp + Hubrach Optik GmbH. This also included the creation of all relevant graphics (e.g. for banners, ceiling hangers, etc.) and project coordination between the client and the trades involved in the project.
Conception, development and programming of a campaign website (micropage) including a web app, respectively an online tool for the presentation of the special Rupp + Hubrach „eyedrive product features“.